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  1. Relative to the arena, server-to-server events. I am more concerned about how to get the attention of your development team. There is no sound effect in the game. Please fix it. This is the top priority. I replaced multiple files with sound versions in the office and put them into the Russian game, and found that the sound effects still cannot be produced. What is wrong? Please be sure to fix it. Without the sound, it seems to be deaf
  2. Если они используют VPN, они могут также пойти на китайский сервер, чтобы играть. До 24 июля не будет никаких аварий на сервере. Китайский сервер должен быть официально открыт в это время. Начиная с нуля, все одинаковы. ;)
  3. When I reached the third link, the fourth link did not appear, the task disappeared, and there was no task. I can't do it again, no change in reconnecting the server.
  4. please demonstrate the correct text
  5. Encyclopedia, turned into a drum washing machine 1594845218781.mp4
  6. Are you kidding???how can you still use this encyclopedia? your picture must be fake
  7. Didn’t you check the game in the test server?
  8. paper,do you have a test quota in China? we can't connect to the Chinese server
  9. I'm so scared today, it will doesn't happen
  10. nc100862


    For example, weapons, equipment, character sky, sharpening, cards, I want to understand these
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