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  1. Haha, all players see this family clearly. They are GM partners and can kill unlimited people. Please pay attention.
  2. Suggestion 1-Be an NPC selling top equipment, including all skill books, passive skill books, top runes 2- The character must turn around twice This is convenient for testers to quickly test skill BUG. Now this mode is too slow
  3. From the end of June, I said it would open 172 to July 23. I have been waiting for the test. I have been waiting for the result. It is still the same as before. It was late on 7.23 and waited until August 12. It said that the account result was not sent. Can you please me on time
  4. The main reason for the failure of Pandora was the replacement of defensive equipment and skills in the PK. For example, the replacement of defensive equipment in the tornado PK completely broke the mutual constraints of occupations and lost the proper balance.